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December - Tanzanite


Transformation — Actualization — Trust

Tanzanite is believed to breakdown negativity turning it to the positive side and might be used to dispel laziness or idleness. Tanzanite removes feelings of lethargy and helps bring repressed feelings up to the surface. It helps with the perfect balance of personal power and actualization, which stimulates the “will” to aid in manifestation. Tanzanite has powerful spiritual energies that can establish a connection between your mind and the higher realms. The colors of this stone emit high vibration energies that strengthen this connection. Tanzanite allows one to discover the depth of his/her existence and to break away from the mold. It supports one in looking beyond the limitations and boundaries to truly answer the call of the heart.

Tanzanite is a blue-violet variety of the mineral zoisite and named after Tanzania where it was discovered in 1967. Said to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds, it is only found in Tanzania in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Despite being a relatively new gem, tanzanite has quickly become popular with modern stars and celebrities. It stands out because of its “trichroism”, which means it appears to change color from blue to violet when turned in the light. In its rough state it is purple-brown and is therefore heated to bring out the blue-violet color. Bigger tanzanites tend to be more intensely blue than smaller ones, which often appear as light blue-violet. When buying tanzanite, clarity is the first thing to look for. Tanzanite has what is called “vitreous”, or glassy, luster. This means that any cloudiness is undesirable. Stones with big inclusions that can be seen with an unaided eye should also be avoided. An eye clean tanzanite with no noticeable flaws is ideal. The tanzanite crystal’s natural lattice means it can be cut into many styles, from traditional to fancy. But because it is so rare, tanzanite cutters usually try to save as much of the rough stone as possible. This is why it is often seen in oval or cushion cuts. Because tanzanite changes color when turned in the light, a cutter will usually determine the direction of the cut so it favors the gem’s natural reflections and color.

Care for Your Tanzanite Jewelry: Care must be taken when setting or handling a tanzanite. The stone is soft and brittle so it can crack if one is not careful. It is also important to avoid exposure to sudden temperature changes or heat. Tanzanite is also sensitive to pressure and has a low resistance to ultrasound so it should never be cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaners commonly used by jewelers. Using warm soapy water with the softest toothbrush you can find is the best way to clean tanzanite.

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